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Game Idea suitable for implementing on 8 bit emulator

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    This game could be programmed for a ZX Spectrum or C64 emulator:

    "Santa's Repo Return" -
    Santa returns on a post Christmas mission to take back presents from bold children .
    A platform game of sorts
    Different Levels:

    1: pick up all the pieces of a trainset, while avoiding the enemy in the form of bold jonnie.

    2: pick up all the pieces of a dolls house while avoiding the enemy in the form of naughty nelly.

    3: pick up all blocks while avoiding cranky charlie.

    4: pick up all piecs of jigsaw while avoiding moany mary

    could be implemented in basic. What do people think?


  • Those are definitely ideas. The question I'd ask you first is why you'd do it in basic first? You could build something that looks simplistic much easier in something like gamemaker?

  • Or maybe write it using Pico-8? It would give you that old-school look if that's what you're aiming for.

    As for the game idea - what a miserable git Santa is in that world! :pac:
    Seriously though, interesting concept.

  • I am thinking of doing the thing 'the hard way' : like some suggest how you learn python.


    No characters as yet. Using zx spectrum fuse emulator. Yeah Andrew, Santa is a bit of a cranky codger now ... getting on a bit alright.