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  • 09-06-2016 8:57pm
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    MODS: Feel free to merge this with the parties thread if you feel it should be. It's just a separate issue that coincides with the parties, so I didn't want people to think I was just posting about that then miss it. Your call though.

    You may have noticed at 'Low Blows Wrestling Parties', and on the podcast, we've been running a campaign for the past week called #MemorabiliaForMax. If you can't view the video, long story short, Max is 5 and a huge WWE fan (particularly of Roman Reigns and Sheamus) and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer for the second time. His family are looking for secondhand WWE toys for him to play with while he is in treatment. They're not looking for money, just memorabilia people have hanging around that they're not using anymore.

    This came our way and we decided that, since we are running a Money In The Bank party in Woolshed next Sunday, we would use that as a collection point for donations then travel down to Max and his family and give them the donations.

    I interviewed his mother, Cathy, for the show and put the above package with the interview and photos online this morning. Since then the whole thing has gone a bit viral. covered it earlier today, I know other mainstream news sites have been in touch and are planning on doing a story on it over the next few days, and just now Mick Foley has tweeted that he plans to help! This seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

    To answer queries we've been getting: right now we're just focusing on MITB for donations as it's the easiest way for us to get it to them quickly, and because the family are so busy with treatment, I don't want to send hundreds of individual donations down with couriers because they just don't have time to accept them. If you can't make the night itself, even if you can send stuff on with someone who is going or get it to Woolshed that night somehow, we'll make sure it gets there.

    Because of how big it's getting, I AM thinking beyond MITB and onto bigger things (we're getting a lot of international enquiries at the moment) so will keep you posted here on those. But we're just dealing with the initial collection for the time being.


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    Stickied for now.

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    Here's a pic of Max yesterday, after his second day of chemo, crawling and playing around and smiling. He's as tough as any wrestler.

    The campaign has got some great media coverage:
    Irish Independent:
    Wrestling Observer:

    Ultimately, as amazing as this has all been (and Cathy was speaking to me last night, she's amazed by the support), the important thing though is that Max gets toys. So, if you can, please try contribute with that end. Thanks guys!

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    He is a tough cookie. He would put a smile on anyone's face. Glad to see this is working out for you leggo. Ive sent mine and my fiancee's donation into his dad to pass on. Roman Reigns is a tough guy to get in figures. I believe he is a fan of Seth Rollins too.

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    Another big day for Max! He's now finished this round of chemo treatment and has been told to rest for a while. This week I've had Mattel Toys and, just this morning, took a call from WWE's UK office and they're both eager to send Max on some stuff! His mother Cathy is overwhelmed and we're working on getting the stuff down to him for his birthday next week.

    The one thing I'll say is that, for all the great awareness and support this campaign, we still have to follow through and collect toys for him. So if you can make it this Sunday, or even get the toys to Woolshed with someone who is going, please do.

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    THANK YOU for your amazing support in raising awareness for #MemorabiliaForMax! You guys have been unreal getting this campaign international, with Mattel, Mick Foley and WWE themselves getting involved so far.

    But we're still not done. This Sunday, we do what we set out to do and get Max a helluva lot of WWE toys just in time for his birthday! We'll have a collection box in Woolshed from Sunday afternoon if people can't make it on the night, but we hope you can so we can personally thank you all with a great night for supporting this amazing campaign.

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    We finally got to get the toys to Max today, and it was an incredible experience. He was completely overwhelmed by everything and is in heaven right now. Thanks so much to all who contributed, by donating, spreading awareness or however. We have full info here: and if you want to see highlights from the day check out our Snapchat at HashtagLowBlows where we have loads of pics and vids of his reactions.


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    This was a great cause and if you ever have similar in the future feel free to contact the mods and we will see about stickying it to get some more eyes on it.

    done now though (The Sheamus one is about) so... unstuck.

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to update you all that Max was this week officially declared cancer-free!

    He will still need to undergo treatment indefinitely as doctors have stressed that once a child relapses with Neuroblastoma, it's one thing getting rid of it, but another keeping it away, so their battle will be constant, but this is obviously a massive step in the right direction and Max and his family are obviously delighted!