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Urgent - please help!!!

  • 30-05-2016 10:19pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ TreacyHolmes95

    My 21-year-old son was caught at a music festival over the weekend with about €100 worth of ecstacy. He has never been in trouble with the law before or with anyone for that matter. He always got good grades. He has absolutely no previous convictions. He is in college and has a part-time job. He is a good kid!
    However he was under the influence when he was questioned by the gardai and he panicked and said the drugs weren't his and that he hadn't taken any, when these were clearly lies. He was on the verge of a panic attack and unknowingly signed a statement without being fully aware what he was doing at all. He barely remembers the interview.
    The incident occurred in a different county to where we live, so will we need to contact our local solicitors or those in the county where the incident occurred?
    We don't expect to receive the summons for several months but if it is possible for a statement to be withdrawn and re-made should we get in touch with someone straight away?


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    I'd call a solicitor in the country where it happened near the venue. It's common at concerts, local solicitor will know how to play it.
    If the statement was taken under the influence they can hardly use it in court. Did they say he's going to court, Police in the UK for example have power not to take it any further and you can get away with it.

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    The charter applies to you as well as your son.

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