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Family tour to Scotland with kids - Edinburgh or Glasgow?

  • 27-05-2016 2:54pm
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    I am planning to visit Scotland with Family (2 Kids) during July - August. I have tried Premier Inn, Belfast and is happy with them and would like to stay in Premier Inn itself in Scotland if it is good. I would be taking flight from Dublin.

    1. Which is the best place for a family holiday that is having the large number of attractions - Edinburgh or Glasgow?

    2. Kids like Castles / Beach / Zoo / Museums / Theme Park / Wild Life / Cruise etc. Are these available?

    3. Could you suggest a budget hotel at city centre itself - Premier Inn?

    4. How many days required to cover the place?


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    will you get a car ? and how long will yous be going for.

    i brought the family to scotland a couple of years ago and couldn't believe how much we loved it.
    we got the ferry and spent a week in the cairngorms at and a few days in glasgow as it was on the way. I couldn't recommend it enough.

    (haven't been to edinburgh so couldn't comment on it)

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    No, I wont be taking a car. I plan 3 - 4 days. Is it enough?

    Glasgow / Edinburgh - Which one is more family friendly?

    Kids dont like travelling too much time on bus.

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    Edinburgh is a better choice than Glasgow, there is more to see and do. Edinburgh has an excellent zoo, Edinburgh Castle, lots of various museums - I've heard Dynamic Earth and camera obscura is good for all the family. Beach wise, there is Portobello beach which is around a 25 min drive from city center (you can get a bus there). There's also open top hop on/off bus tours you can do around the city (I would recommend doing). There are no theme parks near by that I can think of. Sometimes they have a big Ferris wheel and other smaller fare ground rides in Princes Street Gardens, they might have them again for the summer.
    If you were to visit Glasgow, you can get a train directly from Edinburgh Waverly to Glasgow central or Glasgow Queen Street. It would take about 1hr 20 roughly. Glasgow is nice, but feel it's more for shopping. Edinburgh is more cultured and has more tourist attractions. The Edinburgh Fringe festival runs from 5th - 29th August, which is great for all the family, so many different shows. For a budget hotel, there is a Premier Inn and a Travel Lodge on Princes street. I would recommend staying a minimum of 4 days.

    I hope this helps!

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    Many Thanks Amore...

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    Edinburgh is small enough so you can get a good bit done in a few days. If you aren't thinking of going to Fringe shows then its probably worth going outside of those dates as during the Fringe hotels and flights will be about double and it'll take a lot longer to get round as everything is packed! Premier Inn is really handy location wise and you have the National Gallery and Royal Academy just over the road there is also an Ibis Styles just round the corner that looks nice. Depending on how old the kids are The Dungeouns should be another place to add to your list its normally at the top of the tourist attraction lists. The Royal Yacht Britannia down in Leith is interesting to go see but its a little out the way and there's not a whole lot to do down there with kids. Dynamic Earth & Camera Obscura is definitely something inquisitive kids are going to enjoy and there's a ton of other stuff to do in the old town like Mary King's close & the museum of Childhood. Its not often you get to see Pandas so a trip to the zoo is worth doing the zoo pay $1m a year for them to be there so it is a bit more expensive.

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    I am planning to go around July 1st / 2nd Week. So hope the Edinburgh art festival wont have huge impact on the fares!

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    Edinburgh also has a good bus and boat tour I enjoyed it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,199 ✭✭✭ languagenerd

    Definitely Edinburgh for kids. I lived in Edinburgh but I've been through to Glasgow a few times & it's more geared for event tourism. Loads of concert venues, bars and shops, but not many typical tourist attractions. Edinburgh on the other hand has the castle, the zoo, dungeons, Camera Obscura, a (very small) city farm where you can feed goats & sheep, a couple of underground tours, the cafe where Harry Potter was supposedly written, etc. You can also climb a couple of hills with canons & monuments or go out to the beaches (20-30min journey).

    Edit to add: I've stayed in 1 of Edinburgh's Premier Inns and it was grand, the same as Premier Inns everywhere tbh. Just be careful as some of the Premier Inns listed as Edinburgh are quite a bit outside the city. Haymarket, Princes St, Royal Mile and Edinburgh Central are the ones actually in town.