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Industrial Automation Course ???

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    I am a qualified Electrician looking to go back to night college . I have a course picked out in Blanchardstown IT but im unsure whether to go for it or pick a different course .

    The course in for 2 years on Industrial Automation for which you get a level 7 certificate .

    Has any one done this course before and would it be worth doing ? Or would i be better off picking a different course like electrical engineering or something

    Any help would be great


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    Hey is this the part time certificate in industrial automation? Because that is a level 6 not 7 as far as i know.

    I am currently in the full time mechatronic engineering program and have done 2 of the modules on that cert they are not particularly difficult if you have a practical knowledge of electronics already. Fluid power mechanics is just designing simple pneumatic and hydraulic circuits and the actual fluid mechanics part while quite maths heavy is only a small part of the final grade and exam.

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