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curves lady fitness

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    Just wondering how do people rate Curves. One opening locally next month. Half thinking of giving it a go but not sure woukd it be much good. Can't get my head around only 30 min workout session, 30 seconds in each work station. Would that really get the heart rate up to lose weight and build muscle


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    The best type of training is the type you'll stick to.

    But you're correct - Curves is far from optimal for your goals. Strength training, a bit of cardio, and good nutrition will work better.

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    Curves has all the hallmarks of a fad gym.

    The most productive gyms i've seen (for women) concentrate on strength training. Old fashioned and often not adorned in girly motifs, but effective. I've seen women getting into really great shape, though it does take consistent hard work and time.

    Plenty of those gyms around. Often in sheds in light industrial parks...

    Oh, I'm a man, so can't claim any more than observation.

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