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Out and worried about entering the 'gay universe'

  • 20-05-2016 10:42pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Limerickhue

    Hello everyone,

    I would really live some advice. I am a 29 year old man and I have just come out to everyone this week (well atleast everyone thats important to me). The reaction was amazing and I'm so happy.

    I spent the last 29 years keeping my sexuality a secret and now I feel totally liberated, it does feel kinda weird tho. Ok my main problem now is I have absolute zero....not friend. I live, work, and play with all hetros and I feel like a total outsider among the local gays.

    I know a good few of them from afar (although I have never spoken to any of them), and if truth be told they all look very cliquey. I know its wrong but Im a bit of a facebook lurker and I regularly check out their pages to see if we have any mutual friends etc (im just awful nosey right now). I'm sure they know my face from around Dublin too. I'm really over thinking things right now, but I worry I won't fit in with any of them or that I won't be accepted by any of them. They are all really goodlooking and popular people. I fear rejection and I suffer from bad anxiety/low confidence.

    Despite my euphoria having come out I now feel lonely and an outsider (from the gay community). I'm so scared of entering the gay world as I feel I lack the confidence and connections/popularity these guys all have.

    I was thinking of downloading one of the gay dating apps to make some new friends but I'm not ready for sex yet as I have some body hang ups (i'm a bit overweight). Do you think this is a pointless pursuit?

    I thank all of you for reading this post, apologies for it's length.