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The future of this forum

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    We have been undertaking a review of a number of Sports forums and Roller Derby has been identified as one for closure

    Before doing so we wanted to give any viewers (as there are clearly no "regulars" currently contributing to the forum) the opportunity to comment.

    I will try and deal with any questions in connection with this proposal.

    In terms of where people should post in connection with Roller Derby going forward I would propose any discussion could take place in the General Sports forum unless anyone believes there is another forum that could cater for such discussion.


  • I'm looking to move this forward, and have been discussing it with the other Admins

    So here's what we are proposing:

    1. We will proceed to close the Sports forums I earmarked last year. At the same time we are proposing to introduce tagging within the General Sports forum, so any threads relating to Roller Derby will be clearly marked as such.
    2. We will add tags for sports that are already actively discussed in General Sports, such as the Olympics and Winter Olympics
    3. If there are any active threads in the forums that are being closed we will transfer them to General Sports
    4. There are one or two other sports that may benefit from tagging under "umbrella" titles (such as some of the Racquet sports) - equally they may attract more traffic if tagged within General Sports. I'll start discussions in some of those forums to gauge support for alternative options

    If anyone who posts here has any further comments about these proposals I am happy to listen and discuss as appropriate.