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  • 17-05-2016 9:42pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,234 ✭✭✭ The One Doctor

    I'm looking to make a nice medium cider, probably about 10-15L. I've done beer (extract and BIAB) and mead, and had good success with them, but I've never been able to get a good cider. We're living with the inlaws so brewing beer is out, but brewing cider is less disruptive. I'll be using supermarket juice and know a medium finish will need backsweetening, but a tried and tested recipe would be great.

    All suggestions welcome!


  • Give this one a go:,15264.0.html

    The addition of green apple flavour drops is interesting.

  • Artificial flavours in homebrewed cider is a bit stupid. If I wanted artificial flavours I'd drink Bulmers. No offence intended.

    I suppose I should have said I'm looking for more of a French type cider, although I suspect I might be on a hiding to nothing.

    Any other advice/tried and tested recipes?

  • If you want it sparkling and anything other than a (very) dry finish, you'll have to pasteurise, then backsweeten, then force carb. Or I suppose you could pasteurise before the fermentation is complete but you'd still have to force carb. I've seen some discussion of pasteurising already carbed bottles but this would require quite a bit of trial and error, and a high risk of exploding bottles.

    Some recommend Splenda or it's Lidl equivalent for sweetening, but I think this gives a nasty aftertaste. Another option I've seen mentioned is Stevia which is natural and unfermentable but I haven't tried this; lactose might be another option.

  • I am no cider expert but I recently threw a batch of dunnes apple juice with a wheat yeast. Nothing else added. I was attempting to get the estery bananna flavours from the yeast. Unfortunately the cooler spring didn't help as I was hoping for a warmer ferment temp but I am happy with the result. Carbonated with table sugar. Dry enough but tasty. Fermented down around 1.000 or less. I think you may have to add something to the cider to get it sweeter as previous posts have suggested. An artifically sweetend sugar perhaps? Gem light sugar is a combination of sugar and sweetener. Best of luck.