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intel g3258 whats your best OC ?

  • 09-05-2016 10:06pm
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    anyway people who buy this processor arent buying it for latest games but for whats its worth 50-70e cant beat value when saving and socket type.
    thus since getting it i was just looking for cheapest alternative and save cash since not much into gaming or new games in general.But noticed many choose it just for its good potential for OC.

    current setup msi z97 gaming 7 so plenty of OC options 8gb ddr1333 ram and old 560ti.

    but noticing few articles on this cpu breaking few records highest being 6.8ghz OC is some what interesting.

    So since msi has OC genie,did that a while back and while system boot up ok the temps were horrible 70c on stock fan on idle,so quick reverse back to stock.

    Now recently did more sensible oc just doing multiplier and secondary clock or smth like that where basically setting same speed cant remember option name managed to get stable 3.8Ghz idle being 34c and full on stress test reaching 60c ,all other options left default no vcore messing etc.while it works great on stock cooler but its noisier than to my liking but again having 8 fans all around got used to it.looked at some coolers online and most would be quite huge taking most of motherboard like noctua d14 or v8 thus while i guess getting one could push over 4.4-5 on stable temps but cost wise dont have real use to go that far.

    So anyone who has same processor did you try to OC and what did you manage to achieve,since reading some reviews claims are like 4.5 on stock,but really doubt unless person is keeping it in the fridge not to mention fan going nuts on full throttle,to consider it keeping at such levels and not being close to 90+ degrees.


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    I don't see why you couldn't get 4.5ghz out of it, its only got 2 cores and a base tdp of 53 watts. My haswell hex core at 4.5 doesn't go past 62 degrees using over 200 watts, so it really depends on your cooling solution. Even a mid range cooler(20-30 Euros) should drop temps significantly.

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    i got that,coolers i mentioned would set one aside same price as cpu basically ,but i know quite few people that build their rigs on boards would use same cpu and just intrested what OC they are running on and what sort of cooling.

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    I don't think this forum is active enough any more to get that type of detailed response.

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    yep seems dead place.