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Ulster University

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    Just wondering do many Irish from the south let's say apply to ulster university or go to college in Belfast? Got offered a place for OT in Jordanstown for this September but very nervous about accepting it as its so far from home! if anyone who does the course or goes to Jordanstown has any tips on accommodation, social life or what life in general there is like it'd be much appreciated, thanks☺️


  • Hi,

    I went to Queen's rather than Ulster, but I hope I can be of help nevertheless. In my experience, very few people who attend UUJ live in the area. Most students live near the QUB campus. This is because there's very little craic near the Jordanstown area - trust me, I grew up there! This is why students live near Queen's - there's a lot of local bars and clubs. There is a bus that leaves for UUJ just down the road from the McClay library on Botanic Avenue, which is an easy way to get to the campus. Additionally, there are multiple trains that run from Botanic Train Station (5 minutes down the road from the bus stop) that will drop you off at UUJ.

    Life in Belfast is good. It's a very student-friendly city and there's a lot to do in the evenings. Be mindful however that a lot of students go home on the weekends! Also, if you decide to live near the UUJ campus and venture as far north as Carrickfergus, be aware that there are some areas that you might wish to avoid. Unfortunately some parts of Northern Ireland remain a little sectarian - not a lot, but some.

    Don't let this deter you from living up here however! If you accept UUJ, live in Belfast! No one cares where you're from here :)

  • Yes.. Going to Queens in Sept 2016.

    From ROI.