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Intro into Piano/Keyboard

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    Registered Users Posts: 81 ✭✭✭ rolo454

    I want to start playing piano and/or keyboard.
    I played a small bit when I was younger and really enjoyed it.

    I want to start off cheap until I can grow my skills, then upgrade equipment as needed.

    I have a new Macbook Pro, with GarageBand (which I'll use at the beginning).
    I want to get a Midi-Keyboard.

    Any recommendations on what kind to get?
    I'm unsure on how many keys I need, fully/semi/not weighted, etc
    I will only be playing piano songs, so I have no need for any additional functionality.

    I'm based in Galway, but I presume buying online would get the best deal.
    Any help at all would be wonderful, thanks.


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    Hi rolo454, this is my first post at boards.ie.

    I may recommend ...

    - semi or full-weighted keys (I'd imagine you will have a chance to play an acoustic piano sometime)
    - 88 keys (or 76 keys if popular only)
    - USB enabled (obviously)

    You seem to consider starting with a budget keyboard, but why not a decent/mid-range one? I believe you will improve faster, and there will be more enjoyment in terms of performance experience. You might gain more in less cost than buying 2 keys. (I end up with Kawai VPC1 + Pianoteq after lots of waste of money.)

    But after all, you can start with any keyboard lol Enjoyment and regular practice are more important than the gears.

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    It's a few years back now but my first was a Casio CDP100 with a full size 88 key keyboard with decent action and a modest set of piano and organ sounds, gimmick-free.

    The speakers are a bit weak on this model but they sound tremendous through headphones. The grand piano sound has a subtle stereo effect reflecting the sound from a true piano - you hear the bass sound to the left, and the treble to the right.

    Ensure that you're buying a package with the matching Casio stand, or else you'll just get either the keyboard section to sit on a table top, or keyboard plus a folding X stand, which won't be very stable.

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