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Good Grief Moncrieff

  • 20-04-2016 9:41pm
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    Anybody remember this (circa 1996)?

    Been trying to find footage of The Divine Comedy on the show performing 'Something For The Weekend'.


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    I remember it- it was gash

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    I remember Sean was a guest on the Podge and Rodge Show and they quoted someone in RTE 'We're looking for an increase in the license fee and your show is f*cking it up'

    The only thing I remember about it is an interview with a person who had a sex change and there was a bit of controversy about it.

    Sean said in the book he brought out last year that he wasn't ready for it but he felt he couldn't turn it down either, he said he found working in RTE frustrating which is probably why he hasn't done much TV work.

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    It was dreadful, you couldn't hear most of the interviews and everyone involved looked like they would rather be anywhere else. It was a Summer chat show in the slot currently filled by Miriam.

    Sean Moncrieff had done well on The End and Don't Feed The Gondolas, but this didn't work at all.

    There is quite a long review of one episode here (maybe the first?) which brings back memories

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    I think Ed Byrne's first ever tv appearance was on the first episode of this.

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    Excuse the bump but I was trying to remember this show, I think I had it mixed up in my head with bits of the End. There was some gimmic when hed come out on stage I think and there was an annoying " comedy" houseband who remind of me of that shower Tubridy would go on to use. I remember a couple of years after its airing Louis Walsh was a guest on Dont Feed The Gondolas and Moncrief was ribbing him over some flash in the pan act hed managed to which Louis shot back "they lasted longer than Good Grief Moncrief".

    Cant find any footage of the show online, just a promo with Bill Murray.

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    The End was great. Introduced me to The Young Ones