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Animal handling courses - LAST or TEARAP

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    Just looking into doing one of these for work. As far as I can tell they both give me the same allowances for animal handling. I work in a lab so its just for euthanising animals and prepping them.

    Anyone any experience, which is better. Is one better than the other?


  • They're basically the same. LAST is classroom based (and long established); TEARAP is a new online course by UCD. Both cover the same material, so whichever is most convenient really. If you're just euthanising, you MAY not need to do the full course - but I don't recall off the top of my head. PM me if you have more questions.

  • Thanks Padraig. Everyone I know has done the LAST course. I presume because the TEARAP course is alot more expensive (300 vs 180) but the benefit of the TEARAP course is the online element as I can start it tomorrow.

    I will be stunning/euthanising the animals and without going into too much details, disecting and sampling for further work.

    Talking to a few people in UCD, they all recommend the LAST course as it appears to be easier to pass as (and I am quoting students here) the TEARAP goes into a load of stuff that has no use or relevance.

    Still have to go into the biomed facility in UCD no matter which course I do. I will report back once its clearer to me.

  • A follow up question to this, do you have to do the course? The exams are 2 weeks to a month later. The next one for LAST is in Galway and I won't make it. Can you just go for the exam and pay for that or is there a practical element in the course that needs to be signed on.

    I know where i am now I have to do follow up courses inside the institute before being allowed, the course is just to weed out the inept.


  • I went for the LAST course in the end. Quite good and covers alot in a short space of time. Exam is OK. Questions are straight forward but there are a few of them where there are two options that are almost identical and really plans on your grammar skills. Pass is over 70% and there is an english license option as well. Got through all of them OK and completed my further training. people who run it are very good and seem open to further communication for anyone who wishes to contact them with further questions after the course.

  • Ah, I was going to say that my perference for the LAST course would be the opprtunity to meet people that you may need in the future to ask questions or double check details. It's a reasonably small field so knowing people helps!

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