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KODE pres Sunil Sharpe 21-4-16

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    Kode Limerick are very very proud to announce the Grand Master of all things TECHNO is coming to KODE @ THE BASEMENT... SUNIL SHARPE arrives in Limerick on Thursday 21st of April!!

    As you are aware SUNIL SHARPE is a shining light in the resurgence of underground techno. This has earned him guest spots in clubs like TRESOR (Berlin), Berghain
    (Berlin), The Hydra (London), Concrete (Paris), Sub Club (Glasgow) and lots lots more.

    Whilst being a uniquely talented dj (and longtime dj tutor at a thirdlevel college), Sunil also produces various strains
    of techno that have appeared on labels symbolic of the genre's rougher edge: Black Sun Records,
    Komisch, Inner Surface, Trensmat, Violet Poison and most notably Blawan & Pariah's Sheworks.

    More recently Sunil has graced the decks of the widely acclaimed Resident Advisor podcast, and regular youtube viewers will reconigse Sunil from his classic Boiler Room mix.

    Sunil has just returned from gigs at FABRIC (London) and DEPOT (Amsterdam).