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Found a ton of trad sheet music, anyone interested?

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    I have it up at

    I've gone to loads of places around Dublin, and noone seems interested.
    None of these items are in mint condition, and have been used, but are generally in ok condition with minor rips or dog earing. Photos of individual items available if need me. Many were printed by Waltons.

    sylvester gaffney the irish soldier boy
    leo maguire come to the ceili
    william keneally the moon behind the hill
    wm gillespie johnston's motor car
    sylvester gaffney If youll only come across the sea to ireland
    leo maguire rosin the bow
    D Murphy Star of Donegal
    Dominic Behan The Merry Ploughman Off To Dublin In The Green
    Delia Murphy Arthur Darley The Spinning Wheel
    Margaret Cusack John McBreen Lough Sheelin
    Leo Maguire By The Light of the Moon
    Ann Caroll Mai Ohiggins Moonlight on the Shannon River
    Leo Maguire Dreamy Shannon River
    T P Keenan Ill Remember You Love In My Prayers
    Pat McGuigan The Irish Soldier
    Kerr Violin Instructor and Irish Folk Song Album
    Carl G Hadrebeck A Collection of Jigs and Reels
    Seamus Kavanagh The Blarney Stone
    Leo Maguire The Whisteling Gypsy
    Leo Maguire Patsy Dargan
    Barbara Mullen Let Him Go Let Him Tarry
    Mai O'Higgins The Wedding of the Chritmas Fairies
    Eamonn O'Shea Lough Gill
    leo maguire Irish Molly O
    Joseph M Crofts Tipperary Far Away
    Joseph M Crofts The Irish Rover
    Kerr Caledonian Collection