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[Japanese] Lessons for a child in Limerick area?


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    I'd like to advertise my availability to give one-one Japanese lessons. I am currently studying Japanese in University of Limerick and had self-studied it for the Leaving Certificate. I achieved an A1 in Higher Level Leaving Certificate Japanese, A1 in both my Christmas and Summer Japanese exams in univerisity. I also have an N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test qualification and won first place in The 13th Japanese speech competition in Ireland in 2015.(Documentation can be provided to prove all of the above).

    I also have experience teaching Japanese as a tutor for prospective J.E.T's (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme applicants ) on my University professor's reccomendation. I also voluntarily thaught Japanese to Gaeilscoil students aged 7-11.

    If you're interested, please message me


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