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Medical Intern Application 2016

  • 22-02-2016 1:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 59 ✭✭ FreeT

    Hi there,

    As I'm sure you're aware, the 2nd stage for intern applications are fast approaching. Soon we'll need to sort through 727 potential posts and try to rank them in order.

    Unfortunately, I know very little about hospitals around the country and I'm sure many people are the same.

    Can anyone tell me what it's like to work in the different hospitals around the country? Particularly Dublin; is accommodation really as bad as it sounds??

    Thanks in advance.


  • Registered Users Posts: 1 Ziggystardom

    RCSI here!

    Accommodation can be bad, but it really depends what your used to.
    Expect to pay about €600 rent per month, and expect maybe a 50min commute. (as an average like. maybe much more)

    - great for neuro, particularly the profs teams
    - plastics there is a nice job too
    - iv heard about the breast interns having awful trouble with overtime
    - good teaching there for junior doctors, the med case conferences are particularly worth going.
    - the surgical case conferences are ... interesting. To say the least!
    - interns can sign up to give teaching if they like

    - middle of fecking nowhere! Contrary to popular belief, isn't anyway close to Connolly station
    - seriously though, it's grand like if youve a car or you find accommodation nearby. Otherwise it's a bit of a commute.
    - keep in mind you can get 12 month placements in Connolly
    - good if your interested in psych and cardiology teaching

    Galway Clinic:
    - some of our year went out to Galway Clinic
    - great place to work. Their teas and coffees were free and they got €10 lunch vouchers each day!
    - not sure about accommodation, theirs was already sorted for them. Presume Galway would be cheaper than Dublin though!
    - the intern there had to cover basically all the medicine teams. Not as bad as you'd think though, he was complaining he wasn't learning enough!

    Hope that helps. Where are you from Free?

  • Registered Users Posts: 59 ✭✭ FreeT

    I'm NUIG.
    Right, I'll give you what I know:

    UCH Galway:
    - Good for endocrine and breast surgery
    - Very good for intern teaching. The co-ordinator Dara Devitt is really on the ball
    - No on-call for the first month or two to let you settle in
    - They really push you to do audits, research and all. Doing RAMI is practically mandatory
    - Interns do iJuMP teaching with the final meds one-hour weekly; it looks great on the CV
    - Cheap(ish) rent : E300-E500.
    - Everywhere in Galway is within walking distance
    - With the new carpark on site, there's actually room for staff to park!
    - Galway is a great city; nightlife is mad craic altogether!
    - UCHG is linked with Merlin Park Hospital (there's a free, regular shuttlebus to and fro). The nurses and staff there are some of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure of meeting
    - It's fully possible to go through the week on free rep-sponsored lunches!!

    - Good for Obs-gyn. The intern there practically has an SHO job, but gains so so much experience. Make of that what you will.
    - Rent is cheap! When I was there I was paying €240 per month. Some places are as cheap as €130 per month.
    - That being said, Ballinasloe isn't the nicest place to actually stay long-term. It's only 40 mins drive to Galway though so commuting is easy.
    - The Galway case conferences and intern teaching is broadcast through the AV system.
    - There's a 24 hour academy building on site with heating, internet, and a kitchenette.
    - Library kinda sucks. Poor choice of books and awkward opening hours. You can pretty much borrow the books for as long as you want though and they don't seem to mind
    - Dr Barton - semi-retired cardiologist - still does weekly ECG teaching for all junior doctors and students. Very worthwhile; I've never known ECGs so well
    - Dr Aaron Liew is consultant there now as well. Another excellent doctor for the teaching
    - Staff here are lovely too. The nurses in AMAU particularly go out of their way to help

    Galway Clinic:
    - Pretty much what Ziggy said: it's a handy enough placement without much to really push you
    - Study space is non-existant. There's literally a pre-fab on the roof with 3 functioning computers!
    - Everything's computerised, which is awesome!
    - No bleeps; you get a phone instead
    - Self-playing piano in the lobby
    - Aquarium in the reception area
    - Nurses are very approachable and seem to do all the cannulations
    - It's private medicine, so everyone is over-investigated and over-medicated