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Nightlife in DCU

  • 19-02-2016 8:35pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3 ruthmorann

    Im wondering what people think of the social scene in dcu regards to house parties and people being friendly? Do people go out much? There is another post about dcu nightlife but it was made in 2001 so I wanted a updated version!


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    There are many social events around the campus each week to get involved in.

    Click over to our FAQ page where we answer this question in more detail providing links to the DCU students union and various video's to give you a better idea of what goes on.

    Any other questions just ask..


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    There is a bar, and there are societies.

    But house parties are pretty much a no-go. DCU campus accommodation is very strict, and if you live there, you'd understand why - sound travels horribly.

    Past 11 pm or so the gates around campus accommodation close, no noise policy comes into affect. People can't get in who don't live there unless they are a booked guest, you can only book one, and it costs you 5 euro.

    When you start there will be an orientation week mixer if you are in campus accommodation, and there are events every night for freshers week.

    But its pretty no-go for parties on campus. People have been kicked out over it. and in my first year in larkfield the TV rooms were locked constantly because anytime they werent a party would start and someone would smash a window or something.