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Binary Options Trading

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    Has anybody used any Binary Options Trading software. What kind of results does it return ??


  • Negative results most likely!

  • I would have thought so myself. Just wondering if anyone has actually used it .

  • I would advise against binary options as the spread/fees you pay are ridiculous.

    The reason that you see this advertised to people all over the internet is that they don't fully understand the effect of this never mind the underlying stock/index they are gambling on and they lose big so the companies you trade with can afford to pay affiliates huge amounts to advertise basic uneducated advice to people who really haven't a clue how to properly analyse a stock. Most professional investors couldn't even do this over the last 7 years.

    If you see some advertisement for software that will help you make thousands quickly this is a bad proposition for you 100% of the time.

    If you want to invest and you don't have a financial background and access to a lot of relevant information you should stick to large bluechip commodities companies and look at this as investing for your retirement because if you try to get fancy in the short term you will almost certainly lose and in a lot of cases with these exotic bets you can lose more than your initial deposit.

  • Thanks Charity10k.
    I would have thought these things were generally too good to be true.