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Top goal scorer double

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 5,483 Hollister11

    I did a top goal scorer double from now until the end of the season.

    Messi @ 9/1
    Augero @ 8/1

    Double is 89/1

    I have put €5 euro to return €450 if it wins. Messi is currently on 9, and 6 behind Ronaldo. While Aguero is on 8 and 7 behind Lukaku.
    If both players stay fit and get some form, they will hopefully become top scorers.


  • I like the look of Aguero. Always seems to score when fit although this season he has just got injured again. But the type of player who could make up that gap in a handful of games if getting an injury free run

  • Aguero is now on 12, 4 behind Vardy and currently trading at 3.25

    Messi is on 11 and 7 behind Suarez. He has come into form recently so hopefully a few players like Ronaldo and Suarez loose form, or get injured for a few weeks. I'll check his odds when their updated tonight.