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Clothes collection as fundraiser

  • 07-01-2016 10:48am
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    Hello all and Happy New Year.

    I am think of doing a clothes collection for my Group to raise funds for summer camp to the US and Canada, flight are expensive.

    Has anyone any experience with these events? If so were there any down side and other things I would need to know.

    Can anyone suggest good collection companies? I have done a Google search and contacted a few by email, let see what comes back.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Cant help you on good companies.

    We did one last year in aid of shelterbox - leafleted all the neighboring area, chatted to locals etc.

    We wound up with about a bag or two from each family in the group and that was about it. Netted about £150...

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    Thanks Treadhead, we will be using the word of mouth method as well.

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    Another non-scouting group I am involved with holds a jumble sale every year and anything that is left over afterwards goes to cloth recycling for €7/bag or what ever they are paying at the moment.
    The Jumble sale is fun, social, community and will probable raise a good bit on its own.

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    We have it running on a continuous basis and when we have enough then we get the bags collected.