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Pub/Restaurant openings

  • 05-01-2016 10:03am
    Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 5,564 mod irish_goat

    Granny Annies, Silver Street are new, Downeys has been reopend as The Quays and soon, under new names, Becketts and the Clarendon are being reopend after having complete refurbishments. Plus the Manderin Palace is set to reopen on the 28th January. Seems like Derry is getting loads of new places all at once.

    My gripe is that things haven't settled in the town i.e. it feels now like every bar has every kind of crowd. I sat in Silver Street a few weeks ago and there were 18 year olds beside 70 year olds. Likewise in Granny Annie's there's all ages there.

    Anyone else finding this?


  • Would it not be because folk are trying out these places? Folks of all ages?

    Also, sitting in Silver Street a few weeks ago would be in the mouth of christmas and all sorts of work doo's floating about. Both Granny Annie's and Silver Street are still in the honeymoon period and the Quays even more so, the coming months might see them find their niche, maybe not. Did I hear that the Metro is next to get a revamp?

  • Probably a bit of both I think. Silver Street has been like that since it opened anyway.

    Was in the Metro on Sunday night and it was dead so I'd imagine they'll probably try and do something to get the crowd back.

  • So since starting this thread, the Metro has been done up, as has the Gweedore and Peaders. Blackbird has opened on Foyle Street and the Monico has become the Guildhall Taphouse. Still feel like these places are all catering to all ages.