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Safely losing some weight while pregnant

  • 18-12-2015 9:42am
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    I'm really happy to find out I am pregnant but ideally I would like to be about two stone lighter for health reasons. Has anyone list weight successfully and safely while pregnant and is there a specific programme you would recommend? Thank you.


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    I'd suggest talking to your midwife or GP about any plans to lose weight during pregnancy - they might be able to refer you to a dietician who can give you the close monitoring that you might need.

    Women do lose weight, but 2 stone sounds like a lot, especially as it will be hard to track as you gain pregnancy weight. The baby is only about a third/half of the weight of the amniotic fluid /placenta and all that.

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    My sister did it. She had a trainer In Her gym that she went to every week from before getting pregnant. He just tailored her routine to suit. Shen had a normal healthy pregnancy no issues.

    She lost almost a stone in the first trimester due to mornign sickness alone. Then she ate very healthy, none of this eating for 2 , bingeing that some people do. I'd say she was close to two stone lighter after she had her boy. She was also able to keep the weight off easily afterwards as her son was a very placid easy baby who slept all the time so it was very easy for her to get to the gym when her husband came home in the evening

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    I was advised at the hospital that, while I could aim to keep weight gain to a minimum, it wasn't recommended to actively try to lose weight while pregnant.

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    i lost weight during my pregnancy, i had gestational diabetes and had a lot of excess weight, was 2.5 stone lighter when i had my baby than when i got pregnant (my baby was born very prematurely at 26 weeks, not relating to diet or exercise, if i got to term i probably would have lost a lot more!!) i even had to buy smaller maternity clothes! i saw a dietician and followed a strict diet (low gi diet, no sugar, lots of protein and a serious amount of fruit and veg) and walked everyday (i used to do a 15 minute walk 4 times a day, usually on my breaks at work and then again in the evening). even the midwife commented on how good my diet was when examining the placenta. i used to worry about the amout of weight i was losing but all docs assured me as long as i was eating a balanced diet then baby would be fine. i wasnt actively trying to lose weight, i just followed the diet and exercised to help control my blood sugar levels and the weight went itself.

    but i would not start any diet without the go-ahead from doc/midwife.

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    I think that if you are eating healthily, the weight should come off naturally. It is important that you don't starve the body of vital nutrients which you would if you were following a specific diet (ie, Atkins) but if you are eating 3 balanced meals with veggies / fruit as snacks as recommended in pregnancy, then excess weight would fall off anyway.

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    I put on 15kg my last pregnancy and most of that was put on in the first trimester because And then in the last trimester a lot of my gain was also fluid retention. 7 weeks after birth I am now 13kg off my pre preg weight I read somewhere that 12 - 18kg is the normal range.

    If you can keep active and avoid comfort eating (definitely harder for me during the pandemic) you can definitely lose weight (even during your pregnancy). 

    The recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise (or 75 minutes of more intense exercise) definitely helps. That's a couple of walks or online cardio / Zumba / HIIT classes a week.

    Yoga helped me lose my weight a lot faster.

    Yoga burns calories when done the right way.

    If you are serious about losing weight and getting fit, you might want to implement a 60-minute power yoga and/or vinyasa flow practice at least five to six days per week.

    This yoga weight loss program was easy to follow and worked for me during my pregnancy when I started gaining too much weight.

    Each class is easy to follow, but is varied and enjoyable. Dynamic Sequencing means you'll always be challenged regardless of your current level.

    If you want to follow my example, think about coupling your practice with a whole foods diet for optimal results.

    Good luck!


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    I know it’s not recommended to lose weight during pregnancy, however I do know someone who lost that amount of weight during their last pregnancy. She was under supervision of midwives and a dietitian and would have a very high BMI.

    I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and am not putting on weight following the diet. Even before the diagnosis I was being extra careful of my diet because I previously had a gigantic baby via forceps (would not recommend). I am 31 weeks now and I am just under the weight I was when I found out I am pregnant. As consultant said to me at the booking appointment ‘sleep for two and eat for one’. I had had trouble with my pelvis so went to a physio to allow me to keep exercising in comfort.