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Hook Head Incident

  • 08-12-2015 3:48pm
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    Haven't seen a thread on this yet.
    It would appear that the primary victim fell from the harness as she was being lifted.
    This is the first I've heard of this, which is likely more-severe than the initial event she was being rescued from as she is alleged to have fallen 40 feet.
    Has anyone heard of this happening before? How uncommon would lifting two casualties at once be? If the male casualty was keeping the female afloat, would the correct approach not have been to rescue her first and then go back for him? Does the helicopter not have a danbouy to give to any other casualties which are in the water?


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    A danbuoy doesn't offer much protection against rocks.


    If that image is of the rescue itself it would seem the casualties were facing both the risk of drowning, and of being smashed into the rocks. Winchman made a call - while lifting two casualties wouldn't be common, if it's a capability they have, that would be the time to use it. If he left the male behind and he'd then come to harm against the rocks, there would still be questions asked.

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    I would say the issue was around the victim supposedly being unconscious at the time so this has it's own difficulty. Great work when you consider the conditions. Well done all involved.

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    Ah god that's awful to hear.

    By the sounds of it, the emergency services did everything they could in the circumstances, and should be applauded.

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    Article pulled from both Irish Times and Independent sites. Anyone any idea why ? . Posted it too early/before family consent or soemthing ?

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    The male friend who said with his friend should be seriously commended for his efforts and the bravery he showed staying in them conditions and to the crew attempting a rescue in them conditions.

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    Heard the young girl died in hospital. Thoughts & prayers are with her family & friends, and with the heli-crew too. Impossible situation to be in.