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PW Boards Ric Flair Award (Best Rant)

  • 05-12-2015 9:52pm
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    Let's face facts. We all love wrestling. It's our thing. It's like a brotherhood. But as much as you might love your brother, you'll also wanna kill him on occasion. The wrestling industry is no different. Our gears get grinded and our people get up in our grill. Sometimes it's good to get the it off your chest and let off steam.

    The nominees* for the Ric Flair Award are

    Omackeral - For his rant on Big Show.
    Big Show. F*cking Big Show.

    What an absolute drain this guy is. Let's start with his god awful ring name. Big Show/The Big Show. Sorry, but that's crap. It's stupid. It sucks. The Big Show? What is that?! Maybe as a nickname like ''Showtime'' Eric Young it could sound ok i.e. "The Big Show'' Paul Wight. I think they actually started with that. Ugh. Gick.

    Then there's his entrance music. ''Weeeeelllllllll, it's a p*ss break!!!''. There is nothing more effective to get me up off my feet (and NOT in a good way) than hearing this self introduced tune kicking off. I hate it. Beyond stale and annoying.

    His offence looks terrible. The KO punch is alright admittedly but that's newish. That headbutt where he covers an opponents head and proceeds to loaf his own pudgy hand is one of the most embarrassing moves in pro wrestling. His selling is equally as bad as he's too big to look like it's doing anything. Bumbling mess.

    Then there's the turns. Oh god there's the turns. He's got more than Silverstone and it doesn't look like stopping Spoiler: HE DID IT AGAIN ON SMACKDOWN. He's had in excess of 20 face/heel turns. Look here:

    – A few months after entering the WWE he wound up in a feud with Mick Foley. Following the feud, he KO’d Vince McMahon and joined the Union to fight the Corporation.

    – Show winds up turning heel again four months later and forms a tag team with The Undertaker feuding with Kane and X-Pac

    – Less than three months later Show turns face during the infamous “Big Show Father is Dead” storyline and feuds with Prince Albert and the Big Bossman.

    – Three months after Show turns face he turns heel again at the Royal Rumble where he wound up getting into it with The Rock. Show was eliminated by The Rock in the Rumble which started a feud between the two.

    – Immediately after WrestleMania Show starts doing those goofy impersonations of other wrestlers (Showster, Showkishi) which of course turned him babyface. He wound up feuding with Shane McMahon.

    – Two months after losing to Shane at Judgment Day Show turned heel again. Show acted as if he was going to go after Shane McMahon but instead wound up attacking The Undertaker.

    – Show turns babyface again, pledging loyalty to the WWE throughout the Invasion angle and feuded specifically with Shane once again.

    – Show turns heel again right after WrestleMania X-8. Show attacks Steve Austin and joins the n.W.o.

    – The Big Show returns after a lengthy injury-related absence and turns babyface once again after choosing to wrestle Kurt Angle at No Mercy 2004.

    – The Big Show is drafted over to ECW and becomes the top heel in the company. Show winds up winning the title after Paul Heyman turns on Rob Van Dam.

    – The Big Show seemingly turned babyface when he returned at No Way Out in 2008 only to turn back heel immediately by attacking Rey Mysterio thus turning twice in one night.

    – Show winds up turning babyface over the course of the next few weeks when WWE fans reject Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the babyface in their feud.

    – Show goes heel again in a few months after aligning himself with Vickie Guerrero in her feud against The Undertaker. Show attacked Undertaker at Unforgiven and began interfering in his matches.

    – Show teases another babyface turn when he winds up with a spot on Team RAW. Show actually winds up turning on Team RAW to reveal he was a SmackDown guy all along. So in a sense he never really turned since he was a heel in the place.

    – In April 2010 The Big Show KO’s The Miz after they lost the unified tag team championship which immediately turns him babyface (of course!)

    – The Big Show returns after a lengthy absence in May 2012 with an “ironclad” contract as the henchmen of John Laurinaitis and begins a feud with John Cena.

    – In March 2013 The Big Show helps Randy Orton and Sheamus against The Shield turning him somewhat babyface although this was never a full-fledged turn.

    - Show “turns heel” (if you consider his alliance with Sheamus and Orton an turn) and KO’s Orton and Sheamus after losing a six-man tag team match to The Shield at WrestleMania 29.

    – Show returns from another lengthy absence and continues his feud with The Shield and thus makes a full-fledged babyface turn aligning with Mark Henry.

    – Show turned twice in one night once again in October when he KO’s Daniel Bryan at Battleground only to turn around and turn babyface once again by KO’ing Randy Orton.

    The Big Show turns on Team Cena at the Survivor Series, KO’ing Cena and walking off of the team to join The Authority.

    I hate seeing him. He hasn't been relevant or exciting in literally years. He's lost weight but he's still no use. They can never decide if he's a walking punchline or a killer. Is he a feared giant or a comedy character. I just don't care anymore.

    His alliance/rivalry with Kane is for another day but those two in the Rumble pretty much brought me to as close to the brink of quitting as possible. Surely Bad News Barrett or Luke Harper (Or Cesaro pre- Tyson Kidd) would be a better choice as henchmen as they have worked with the Authority in the past and are fresher, more talented, relevant and pretty much directionless.

    In summary, f*ck off Big Show.

    thebostoncrab - For his rant on WWE's booking of Fastlane

    I don't get it.

    I'm still trying to put together the entire booking of Fastlane, and I just can't the logic behind 95% of the decisions made.

    I'm always been the "wait and see" guy and a firm believer that there is light at the end of the tunnel, like last year with Daniel Bryan getting beaten again and again, leading up to the obvious victory over HHH at Wrestlemania. But this year....I just don't get it.

    You have the biggest heal in the company, Seth Rollins, not get involved with the decision in a tag match, instead it's the work of two 40 year old men who no fan is interested in that get the victory, pinning one of your most over faces in Dolph Ziggler.

    You book one of your other most over faces, Dean Ambrose, to lose over and over again for incredibly stupid reasons that just make him look like a chump.

    You make Rusev beat John Cena, but only after some interference which cheapens his victory. (Yes, he is the heel and the heel cheats to win, but if you want Rusev to look like the monster he is then have him cleanly beat Cena.)

    Then, you have easily the most over guy in the company, across every single member of the audience in Daniel Bryan going into Wrestlemania now...with nothing. He isn't in the biggest matches, and there seems to be no natural feud for him to go into that makes sense for a Wrestlemania level match.

    And yet we are lead to believe that Vince is acting in the best interest of the fans?

    I just don't get it.

    I look at my own job, and when our customers are giving us feedback on something they don't like, we don't stop and tell them they are wrong and keep trucking forward to fulfil what we want and what we only want; we give the customer what they expect. This attitude from Vince is like a child playing with his toys, or no more than a fan playing fantasy booking; it only serves to fulfil what he wants.

    Watching NXT hammers this home more so than anything else. Here is a product that the fans love, that treats the fans with respect and actually seems to listen to what the fans want. If they cheer for someone that person gets pushed, if they don't get a reaction then they're gone. And this is the minor leagues of the WWE? Why can the place were the guys are supposed to learn how to work get it so right, only for the place they are aiming to be in get it so wrong over and over again?

    I just don't get it.

    I can't make any rational sense of what Vince is doing with the main product. I mean say what you will, but he has easily one of the strongest rosters the company has had in years, heck even since the early 00s. Why is it then that we are still relying on Kane and Big Show to go over the new talent? Vince is constantly so quick to point and laugh at the failings of WCW, yet he is making the exact same mistakes right now. There is only so much audiences can take, and lately it seems like they have had enough.

    Shareholders are angry, talent is upset and it seems like Vince is ignoring all the signs. I have been a fan since I was 3, and yet here I am on the eve of my 28th birthday and for the first time I'm actually questioning why I bother any more. And I love the sport, I've written about the sport in a number of publications and heck there was even wrestling references during my wedding! I shouldn't have these ****ing thoughts yet I am!

    Watching NJPW hammers home everything great about wrestling. Watching NXT showcases that the WWE can deliver, and if they had that product as the main presentation they'd be laughing all the way to the bank...yet it's not happening.

    I just don't get it. Can someone, ANYONE, show me one single thing that explains the logic behind Vinces booking of the WWE for the past few months? I can forgive so much of years gone by, but Jesus since the 2014 Rumble it just seems like he has lost the plot.

    *Another poster was nominated but is currently banned and therefore is ineligible as per Mod ruling

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    Shame we cannot vote for both in this one as I cannot call it. Very different but very good posts.

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    This category closes tomorrow evening, vote for your favourite rant now!

  • Registered Users Posts: 32,956 ✭✭✭✭Omackeral

    The Ric Flair Award this year goes to a man who ranted very early on in the year but, by god, did he mean it. The Rant of the Year goes to


    Here's to another 9 Big Show turns by April :cool:

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    Congrats mate!

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    Congrats you angry angry man

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  • Registered Users Posts: 32,956 ✭✭✭✭Omackeral

    beakerjoe wrote: »
    Congrats you angry angry man

    Hahaha!! Class. I'm the most easy going mf'er you'd ever meet but that WEEEEELLLLLLL, WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW makes me want to hurt puppies and kittens.