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Copying Contacts from Hotmail onto SIM Card on Windows Phone

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    I have Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone running Windwos 7.8

    My contacts are all coming from Hotmail that is synced on the phone

    How can I copy my contacts onto the sim card or is that possible ?

    Do they automatically get copied to the sim card too?

    How can I check this?

    Can you switch contacting listing/view on the phone between SIM contacts and Hotmail contacts and if so how do you do that ?



  • I don't think it is possible, and even if you could, your contacts would be mauled in the process (a SIM card can't hold any of the details a modern 'contact card' can).

    If you're transferring to a new phone, signing in with your Outlook/Hotmail will bring all the contacts over. If you're looking to make a copy or backup, Outlook has an export feature.

  • Thanks for reply and information

    If I was moving from windows phone to android/iPhone would the above about signing in with Outlook/Hotmail work or how would I get my contacts onto new android/iPhone from Windows phone


  • You can sign in with your Outlook/Hotmail account on either an iPhone or Android phone and all your contacts, etc will sync no problem.

  • THanks
    How would you do that on Android phone
    Is there and outlook/Hotmail app you can download from store onto android phone and contacts will sync that way or do you just navigate to in browser window on the android phone and log in that way and contacts sync or some other way ?

  • (sorry about the delay in replying)

    If you have the latest Gmail app, you can add an Outlook/Hotmail account in Settings - this will pull down the contacts as well.

    Plus, Microsoft releases an Outlook app for Android, that should the same.

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