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rugby jersey

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    So for Christmas, I was thinking of buying my boyfriend a rugby jersey. But I'm fairly clueless when it comes to sports, so thought I'd get a little advice about what is the best one to go for (not sure if a sports forum would be more appropriate?).

    Basically he's from Dublin and has a season ticket to the Leinster rugby matches... any recommendations for what type/style of jersey to get and where?


  • I'm not sure what time of year a new jersey gets released but here are the latest:

    The first one is the very figure hugging jersey that the pros wear. Very very figure hugging.

    The second and third would be what the fans wear mostly, the second would be a more modern look with the third being an old classic with a normal collar. I prefer the second. You could head into Lifestyle sports to get a feel for which you think is best.

    The rest are training jerseys (the colours the players wear on the pitch when not playing an official game) or alternate jerseys, I believe they wear this when they play away from home and perhaps their normal colours are too similar to the home team. I think that's how it works.

  • Thanks a million Cathmandoo, just the advice I was looking for :D I think the 2nd or the 3rd would be the way to go alright (just for watching matches, not playing or anything). I must pop into the shop for a proper look. And figure out a size!!

    Couple of follow up questions if you would be kind enough to indulge me :P

    1. Do jerseys become outdated very quickly? Just asking because you mentioned new jerseys being released. I'd like to get him something that he could wear until at least next spring/summer without it becoming obviously outdated :/

    2. Is it just me or is weird that they have 'bank of ireland' plastered all over them? I guess that's just the way it's done though? This one is probably more of a rhetorical question :P

    Thanks again :)

  • I think there's a new jersey every year, but I don't think fans buy a new one every year though, no doubt at the matches you'd see jerseys from 10 years ago being worn.

    Oh I found an article, it looks like they changed them only a couple of months ago so those jerseys will be the latest until autumn 2016

    See what I mean by the first jersey being figure hugging? Even the pros are holding their stomachs in in those photos :D

    As regards to the Bank of Ireland logo, yeah, it's not great, there are t-shirts nearer the bottom of the link without them, tis up to yourself :D

  • Haha yeah, they're very figure hugging indeed :D

    Thanks again for all your help :)