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Dublin Airport is tracking you


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    That's actually really clever, and no it doesn't really bother me that much. I wouldn't consider the MAC of any device to be personal data since alone it doesn't specifically allow for an individual to be identified, just a device.

    Are there potential spying/security concerns? Yeah perhaps; if security services required all public APs to collect this data, then a device's movements through public areas could be backtracked and potentially live-traced.

    Do I object to this data being collected in a private place for the purposes of service monitoring or marketing? No, not really. There are far more intrusive ways they could try and track the length of the security queues.

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    If you are a frequent traveller then there is no doubt that your 'person' could easily be identified - unless you use a different device on each trip!
    The DAA says this data is "only accessed to measure and check queue/dwell times at the airport, and the only parties who have access to the data are DAA and the company which operates the system".

    Who is that company?
    Where are they located?
    Where do they store the data?
    With whom do they or could they share the data?

    Gathering such data from one's device/s is another part of the puzzle in identifying the traveller.

    So ...
    Interesting article, do you consider this as personal data?


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    I hope the EU gets its act together on the new data protection laws .....
    It should always be personal choice to "opt in" for any data gathering.

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