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dry tobacco

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    I should learn! Every time I buy a pouch of Drum from a certain shop it's always dried out like straw. Really, completely dry. Other than potato skins (I don't often eat potatoes) can anyone recommend how to dampen the tobacco?


  • Old tread, but for anyone wondering, a small piece of Lemon or Orange peel works great.

  • Rum. Put the tobacco into a breakfast bowl, and put in the tobacco. Pull the tobacco apart. Then drizzle half a small cap of rum into the tobacco, and mix it around. Ratio of rum:tobacco can take some trial & error. Rum can alter the taste, so ensure you like that flavour of rum :D Generally used spiced rum.

    Added bonus; if it dries before you smoke it all, you can always add a little more rum. Would advise, after adding the rum, that you put the tobacco into a tobacco punch. I think they're called a "Tobacco Roll Up Pouch". This allows the tobacco to stay fresher longer.

    Be advised; too much rum will make it harder to light the tobacco :(