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Conflicted about HL Maths

  • 04-11-2015 11:36pm
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    I'm currently in 5th year and studying 8 HL subjects. I'm doing really well academically with all high As and Bs in all my tests and assignments, bar maths. I've had one test in it so far with another on Friday(really worried about it) and my result was underwhelming to say the least. As a conscientious and hardworking student, it's a concern as I feel I'm falling behind in general and not achieving my true potential.

    Without sounding prissy I believe firmly that my maths results depend on consistent work and a good, thorough teacher. I've been lumped with one of the more lack luster teachers who doesn't explain anything clearly, runs thorough examples/explanations rapidly without a care in the world and personally isn't that approachable when asking for help.

    I've been trying to use Khan Academy and other resources but I find sometimes that despite being good they don't always correlate with the syllabus etc.

    I'm repeating 5th year as I didn't do TY and last year I was doing brilliantly in maths due to putting the work in and also an amazing teacher who I could comprehend and made learning very individual and concise. I was able to get on with maths and take a far stab at the majority of questions, with their help at times, I improved a lot from the JC where I had a horrendous teacher and as a result the whole class suffered.

    I'm aiming for medicine so dropping down is not an option due to the bonus points being handy and a lot of UK medical courses require HL maths. I am aware that grinds may be my only option but I feel as though I would be much better off in the other honours class with the teacher I had last year as at least I'd be able to get a better comprehension of things and feel more confident.

    The only issue is that the other class is very full numbers wise and I'm not sure how popular my desire to change classes would be, given the disputing opinions of others. I could wait until after Christmas as there is bound to be a few people dropping down but my Christmas exam result is still an issue for me.

    I'm of the view that it's my Leaving Cert and I need to do what's best for me, which means not letting my grade suffer because of a teacher but honours maths isn't a subject you can entirely self teach and I'm really concerned about my Christmas exam given my present situation. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Bump. Anyone?

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    Sorry I can't give any real advise to you, My son did his LC this year and did high maths, he was getting grinds as the teacher he had was so so with maths he doesn't think he would of passed if he hadn't got the grinds, he got a C3 which he was delighted with, I know you want higher than that so maybe see how the Christmas exams go and then decide whether you want to change to the other class or go with the grinds, good luck whatever your decision

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    It's a tough one. I would imagine it will be tricky to move classes. Letting you move to the 'good' teacher's class will be a precedent they won't want to set for fear of mass requests to move.
    Try and cover the material as best you can under the conditions. The good news is that the course is 'finite' so spend some time getting to know the syllabus and which topics you know and understand well and which ones you think need further (or better) explanation. I'm sure that there is plenty of material that the teacher is covering fine and the texts (there are a few, we use Active Maths...but I like Text and Tests too...and there is Concise Maths I think and maybe a couple of others...) do a pretty good job of laying out the stuff. Then, if you need them, get some grinds that target specific areas. I think myself that unless the grinds are very structured you can be wasting money. For example there would be no point in my opinion contacting a grinds teacher and asking "Can we do Algebra today". You are motivated so go through the topics and then at least you can make a checklist:

    This sort of thing....

    That list is by no means exhaustive...but there is learning to be had in even making the list....and framing the course for yourself.

    You might go through it then and realise....I could do with a hand with 'Solving Logarithmic Equations' and get a grind in that specifically, if you need to.

    NOTHING can be left out as their is no option on the Higher Level Paper so try and get your head around the concepts and then to maximise your grade....practice and see as many different types of question as you can. Time is an issue but by the time the Leaving comes around, have done all the past papers, all the revision chapters in your text....and a selection of questions from revision chapters in other texts (if possible). This will depend entirely on the time you have to give to the subject and the help you can get in finding and going through extra questions.

    PM me if you want some specific advice about a topic.