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Free programmer here

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    Just wondering if anyone here has any projects they might need a free programmer for, I've been working with the family company for two years after i finished college so i need something on my CV to help me get back into a IT job.

    Currently my other primary project is a Crypto-currency exchange bot that basically buys and sells to make a profit with dozens of currencies on exchange sites. It's being developed in java with MySQL and HTTPClient.

    I have experience with C# and Unity 5, 3Ds Max and Photoshop.


  • Ancel wrote:
    I have experience with C# and Unity 5, 3Ds Max and Photoshop.

    What type of unity skills you have?. Any online portfolio?. I'm looking for unity help with my DK2

  • hi, although you havent mentioned AS3, i was wondering are you familiar with it, because i am having sever difficulties with aligning sound and text

    i have the following code implemented and it selects a sound file out of six in an array, but i want to be able to trace the one its selected. I also want the CODE to align the corresponding text question to appear in text box on stage, and then three options for answers are given (a)(b)(c).. so i need to see its all corresponding
    this is the code
    var rand = mySoundArray[Math.floor(Math.random() * mySoundArray.length)].play();
    trace ?
    Finally the text questions and answers -
    //var questions:Array=["question one sample?","question two sample? ","question three sample? ","question four sample?","question five sample?"," question six sample? "];
    //var answers:Array=[ ["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"] ,["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"] ["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"],["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"],["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"],["answer-A","answer-B","answer-C"] ];
    // placement of correct answer in answer array above
    //q.1 = [1]
    //q.2 = [2]
    //q.3 = [1]
    //q.4 = [0]