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Can I get a price for a piece of equipment I want to sell?

  • 27-10-2015 4:11pm
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    Hi, a friend recently gave me a PDW M4. It's a CQB M4 with a folding stock, p-mag, and PEQ Box with a battery in it. It has trades and "Knight's Armament" printed on it, and both upper and lower receiver are metal.

    When I tried firing the gun, it made a sound like a car that won't start and the BB's just fell out of the barrel. The rear sight is missing, the stock won't stay locked when extended, and the safety won't work.

    I have no idea how to price it, and have no use for this airsoft gun. Boards rules state that every ad should have a price, can anyone who knows the market for project guns help me out here?



  • Registered Users Posts: 4,061 ✭✭✭ whydave

    why not get it fixed (broken your going to find it very hard to get a buyer ) and game with it ?
    If you go to any airsoft site there will be loads of people who can advise you :) .

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    Internally Sounds like a fcuk'd piston, if that's any help to you. As for your external problems maybe some pics posted here might help us help you.