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Playmobil/Little People Christmas sets


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    iguana wrote: »
    I have a fantasy about setting up a Christmas village in my living room but with a toddler it wouldn't last long. So I thought it might be cute to get some toy Christmas scenes, like Playmobil or Little People. The Little People sets are adorable but very hard to find on this side of the Atlantic and very expensive. Playmobil are more available and can come in playsets or advent calenders. The advent calenders work out cheaper, so I was considering a couple of sets like these and then just busting them out straight away and they'll double up as decorations and toys my son can play with.

    That's a lovely idea. I'm thinking about a train set next year once the youngest is old enough to leave it be for 5 mins!

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    Ok I bit the bullet and decided to get the Little People sets because I adore them so much. I was thinking it would be wasted money as they are a toy designed for 1-4 year olds and my son will be 3 soon. But I was reading the Christmas eve thread and it dawned on me that Christmas tradition toys are different. I was reading stories from all these grown adults still loving all the great Christmas traditions of their childhood and I thought, sure he mightn't always want to get them down and play with them. But year after year he is going to see them come down from the attic and he'll remember how they made him feel when he was 3, 4 and 5. 23 years from now he's probably still going to love to see them, though there may be a point in 12 years that he pretends he isn't. So I've ordered a big set of them, a cute little Christmas train and even a Nativity despite the fact that we are not religious. (I'm also ordering some Hannukah and Yule toys as I'm going to use Christmas to teach him little bits about the beliefs of our Christian, Jewish and Pagan family members.) I'm so excited about setting my village up and am sure that when I do his other Little People sets will come out to join them. :D

    This is like some of what I've ordered.
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