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Multimedia PC - 1200 euro budget

  • 05-10-2015 7:57pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 Techniqual

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to build a PC for multimedia use - photo editing, 3D animation, video editing etc. It's my first time doing this and I'm a bit clueless when it comes to tech, so I need a bit of help.

    Ideally I want at least 16GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive, but I need a bit of help with the other components any advice on parts etc would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I don't require a monitor, I'm getting that separately.

    Thanks in advance


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    512gb SDD €175
    i7 6700k €350
    GTX750 €100
    300w PSU €30
    16gb DDR4 €100
    Z170 board €120
    2tb HDD €90
    Case €100
    Total 1065

    Prices from mind

    Any questions, ask away

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    Thanks a mill. Will look into it straight away :)