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Due to Low ratings, Vince hands you full creative control..........

  • 25-09-2015 10:21pm
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    What would you do? How would you fix things in WWE? Quick fixes to jumpstart the ratings and interest....

    This will be my Pipebomb Promo!

    I would do the following

    1. Heels have to cheat more.JR and Steve Austin always say this on their podcasts and they are right.Recently my wife has asked me during some matches who is the bad guy/good guy? (I said the bad guy is Razor Ramon!) Its hard to know if you are a casual viewer.

    2. Designate some wrestlers as tag team wrestlers and thats all they do. No more just throwing guys together.

    3. Listen to the fans. Everybody boos Cena. Make him a heel. This can be done easily, still keeping him as he is. How? Have him take a knock/knee or whatever from Rollins. Then the following week have him in a mask working for the Authority. With them just saying he is a new wrestler.Or else a split personality like Kane right now. Have Wyatt brainwash him and he does Wyatts bidding for a what happened to Daniel Bryan but not just for a week. Have Nikki being a control freak ordering him to beat up everyone and 'make' him heel. Have him flatten Flair then.All these stories have been done but would be great with Cena. You could have him doing face cena and heel Cena in the same night if it was done like a split personality. Then have heel Cena merch too. revenue instantly doubled! Then Dr Shelby comes back for counselling/therapy and the story would go on and on. Will he stay heel or go back face? It would at least be something new for Cena.They will probably do this with Kane right now.

    4. LISTEN TO THE FANS! So important it needs to be said twice. Turn Reigns heel. Push Cesaro as a monster babyface with the Swing.bring back Daniel Bryan is some bloody capacity. Make him GM or something if he cant wrestle.Put Lana back with Rusev.Dont make Ambrose look like a muppet.All obvious stuff. Whatever the fans cheer loudly for. I mean every week not just one night.

    5. Go back to a 2 man commentary team. one colour and one play by play. If it has to 3 then one play by play and one face 'advocate' and other heel 'advocate' (tip of hat to Paul Heyman) Stuff like JBL giving a rugby shout out drives me nuts. who cares? I miss Ventura/Heenan style of excuses for the heels. WWE thinks that kind of stuff is old hat but it works. Think of any other sport whben some analyst gives his opinion during the match. it can drive you nuts! I was rewatching the Rockers break up today and Heenan says Janetty tried to jump through the window to get away from HBK! That line has made me laugh for years!

    6. Have time limits for most matches. The Authority could easily do this in matches they set. "OK Randy you have a rematch but its got a 15 min time limit" It happens already when they have a beat the clock challenge. We know the match cant last beyond the previous time and everyone accepts it easily.This gives another 'out' with a time limit draw and saves Cesaro having to job every week which they seem to love to do Imagine the countdown to the end of raw every week. Either the heel is trying to get away or the face is trying to pin him quickly. We know they countdown anyway thru the ref so why not make it part of the show?

    7. Ban closed fists and make some refs personalities. Big Shows punch and Romans superman punch should be done behind the refs back.Then you have another 'out' if its seen and he is disqualified.If you watch UFC some refs are thought to be incompetent and either miss things or are too fussy. Have a refs name announced and he would either be a ref who misses things or someone who does what they do now.I dont mean heel refs but they dont see a blatant tag or they call for the bell when they thought a face tapped out. this would mirror real life like the UFC. Human error so there has to be a rematch.Heel wins so he is happy but face doesnt look like a jobber as he didnt really tap out. So its controversial. And we all know Controversy creates Cash!

    8. Have a few factions. New Day is almost a faction and they work. Why? because they are friends in real life and they work off each other.Especially guys that are spinning their wheels could do with being in a faction.Pick a few guys who are really buddies and put them together.Put the most confident on the mic most of the time with the others chipping in. remember the Shield? I remember thinking Seth would be great but he cant talk. Now look at him.

    9. Put some more divas with the guys. Cant understand why they dont do this.They do it with nattie and Cesaro/tyson. Stuff like put Alicia fox or Cameron with New Day.Put Nikki with Cena. Then you can do the stuff like I mentioned earlier like her making him heel when he is with her but face when he is not.Just have the group come out on stage with the person if you dont want them there everytime.

    10. I think 3 hours is too long and it should be 2 hours but I would class this as a minor quibble. What is not a minor issue is that the show is too top heavy. Starts off with the main storyline then hurried matches and repeats then finally the finish. The usual matches of Sheamus v henry, cena v Orton and the new time filler of 3 v 3 v 3 divas matches.There should be minor story arcs for the non main eventers. Just give some wrestlers more than one segment to further a story. they are at least trying with the Rusev/Lana angle but that hasnt worked.

    11. I would make a divas tag team title and again designate some divas just doing that only.Then break them up eventually and give them a run for the divas title.Same thing the other way around.This gives the pack something to fight over and creates space for a meaningful feud over the divas title like they have in NXT.When Bayley won I was "wow she finally did it after all that long journey!" Rather than its whoevers time to get it.

    12. PPVs or special events need to have at least some surprise and/or payoff at the end of the feud. remember goldust wearing womens underwear under the tights? Its like WTF? Obviously no way they are doing that now but at least have some surprise or payoff. Too many times, the next night on Raw, we get the "We are going to have a rematch!" a few goes of that is fine but not endless times. "Tonight we have Orton v Cena"

    13. Same goes for the start of feuds. Wyatt just comes out and the gang flatten someone. "Oh, I guess they are now in a feud" Lazy booking. At least do a backstage segment the previous week wth someone calling them morons or whatever. Remember the old style of a feud over someone seen spilling coffee on someone? At least then everyone can say I would hate for that to happen to me!

    14. Let people interrupt each other during promos. At least write in the script that Owens cuts Cena off ! Too much of my turn. your turn. my turn. your turn

    15. Every Raw should have some OMG moment. Vince Russo gets a lot of heat but if you listen to him talk about when he was writing Raw, he said its about getting eyeballs on the screen. Thats why the beer truck or zamboni antics come in.Its very hard to do this in a PG era but there could be at least one surprise every Raw.Nowadays the effect is amplified through social media so it would be a huge ratings grabber.Have Ambrose in a straight jacket escaping from a mental hospital to cause mayhem or Wyatts putting someone in an electric rocking chair only to escape at the last minute. One or two simple stunts would be very good. With the teams of writers they should be able to come up with simple things that wouldnt cost the earth.

    Quick storyline ideas for a few wrestlers off the top of my head....

    Bring out Eva Marie in a group or with The Authority every week and don't even have her wrestle. Just get her to say she is the best female wrestler in the company.She has heat already so go all out on it! She doesnt even need to wrestle.Then reveal later that she was flirting with HHH all along to get her place. She gets to have a few lines with the Authority,doesnt need to wrestle and there is an ending. She can be training away while this goes on and then forced to wrestle.

    or if turn Becky heel like I said earlier. Have her use her disarmer for the Authority on any women who annoy the Authority. Have her beat divas quickly and promote her as unbeaten for a year winning with the Authoritys help then eventually you have Ronda come in to take her on at Wrestlemania with Stephanie in Beckys corner. Steph clocks Ronda and Becky puts her in the disarmer but Ronda reverses and "breaks" her arm. Then Steph is defenceless....... It writes itself!

    Create a heel Irish faction consisting of Sheamus, Becky and Finn Balor or a face one. Then turn Finn face eventually... or he joins up but is never fully a heel with them.Do a deal with the UFC for not only a Ronda appearance but a Conor Mcgregor appearance. He could insult "american wrestling" and promote his next fight. Win win for all. I know this is unlikely tho.

    In case of Emergency such as ratings going really,really low then do this one.....:pac:

    Mock CM Punk.He made his name off WWE so why not mock him? Once his fight is announced just have The Authority trash him.If he loses his fight then WWE can have a field day. If he wins, people will still mention that he was a former WWE star.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 16,096 ✭✭✭✭the groutch

    1. recreate the brand split, wwe title & US on RAW, IC & Tag on Smackdown.

    2. make Smackdown a live show again

    3. unban actual wrestling terms, stop the commentators from having to walk on eggshells.

    4. more consistency with ref counts, matches are spending far too much time outside the ring.

    5. have feuds ending at Mania, Summerslam, Survivor Series & Rumble. nowadays feuds seem to start a month before Mania and carry on for another 3 ppvs.

    6. reduce the number of ppvs to 7

    - Rumble
    - Mania
    - MITB
    - HIAC
    - Summerslam
    - TLC
    - Survivor Series

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,389 ✭✭✭The White Feather

    I think the brand split would be a good idea too to create some competition