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A rank amateur youtube stream

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    might as well get some publicity for my youtube channel

    Ye'll probably notice the channel is pretty old, it's named with my steam id, and has a tonne of crap videos on it, i hadn't really ever used it much until i found the youtube livestreaming beta was a lot better than twitch for me.

    I think this is probably my favorite video, it's only a minute long

    I'm no pro so if you're looking for a yappy commentator i'm afraid that's just not me. I do talk on occasion, but it's usually a swear or a "ffs that was bullsh1t" or the rare "Yes! nailed it" ye know.. like everyone does :)

    I don't have the temperament for a let's play, i'm just not patient enough to talk someone through it - so instead i've been doing Just plays with the occasional comment here and there to whoever is talking in chat at the time, just to get used to the idea of actually having a stream live, which is a bit odd to me.
    That being said, i think the most users i've had at any one time was around 25 - so yeah, i'm a fledgling at this, and any help at all would be appreciated as i'd like to increase that number a bit.

    Anyway, before this turns into a rant that nobody gives a feck about - i'm going to be streaming a XCOM:EW Ironman normal runthrough later this evening (around 7.30- til whenever i finish/fall asleep)

    it'll be on here if ye want rookie named after you, just let me know :)




  • haha. love the dremora sitting for a dring after being summoned :D

  • Yeah he's gas, i'd no idea how that was going to pan out at all when i was recording it, seemed like everything including the trollololol music (which is an ingame mod) was in perfect sync :)

  • I had a browse around your channel at the weekend. Great videos!
    I watched you playing Atila live too but I had a dodgey wifi connection on a smartphone so the quality was crap. I'll check some more videos out this week.

    Great work :)

  • Cheers MG :)

    I didnt do too well in that playthrough at all :/ i might start a new one and just be a completely warlike Ebdanian Horde for the laugh.. see how long i last :D

    Thanks for the compliment :)

  • just uploaded this - first actual upload in months - mainly been livestreaming on the same channel so this is a nice step back away from streaming :)

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  • Been ages since i posted here :)

    I've managed to get subs up to.. dun dunn dunn 63 :D haha, pretty low i know but on the plus side i've a handful of loyal viewers on the livestreams i've been doing, so it's not all bad.

    I get way more viewers when i'm playing anything turn based like XCOM rather than anything FPS like Doom or whatever, so i might just play to that end and work on it a bit more.

    All that being said, i'm slowly getting there with equipment, second monitor due here this coming week so i wont have to rely on my phone to read chat which had become extremely annoying both to me and the people that had been chatting with me.

    Is it worth getting a webcam? Or could i use my old iphone somehow?

    Anyways.. here's the latest one.. it's just a replay of a heroic victory in Totalwar:Warhammer