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Fees fees fees fees (for deffered student)

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    (I know this is too self-indulgent to really deserve it's own thread but can't find good place for it. Won't mind if mods want to move it to wherever it's meant to go.)
    So, I'm a deferred student going in to first year. So my susi number isn't valid for this year's on-line registration.
    So I have to leave that step of registration blank. So I have to pay €1612 rather than €112, cuz it thinks I don't have the Susi grant.
    So I told fees and grants office, who said "we'll add that note to your fees account". But, still the number's not valid and still I have to leave the susi step blank and still I have to pay €1612 and I'm so poor ;_;
    Should I just not pay it, hope for the best and talk to them about it on on-campus registration day? Will I be able to register if I don't pay the fee now?
    If anyone has been through this, or has advice or knows someone who has been through this or like has seen some information I've missed, or just anything that'd be great :) thank you for reading