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Job transfer

  • 07-09-2015 4:09pm
    Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ littleladylost

    I recently started a new job and before got offered the job i had moved. i updated this with h.r after i was offered the job and was told that they would forward the information to the relevant people and i do not think this was done as i was still placed close to my old address over an hours drive away. i contacted my area manager who advised she would see what she could do and the final decision was supposed to be made last friday and i would be contacted saturday. its now monday and still no word. i am assuming that i have not got the transfer but should i contact my area manager to see? i was also due a follow up call from my training manager re same today as they are aware of the stress my situation is causing me,but this has not happened either am i right to assume i will be left where i am