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Aerial positioning

  • 22-08-2015 1:26pm
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    Hi guys,

    I have a few questions for you as I couldn`t find any relevant information in my previous search online.

    I just bought a smart TV which has Freeview support built-in. I live in Dublin 15, Royal Canal Park. The previous owners of the apartment had a satellite from Digi (Romania). They left the receiver and dish but they require a card for use.

    I connected the aerial directly to my TV via the satellite dish connector and scanned for programs. I found a lot of them but they`re mostly romanian, hungarian and ucranian station and almost all of them are scrambled.

    Some work, but they are not enough. The satellite found my TV is called THOR 1W. I`m guessing the dish is positioned for Digi TV.

    What are the dish positioning details for UK Freeview, Saorview or any other satellite service that can be received in Dublin 15?

    Thank you.


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    The dish will be of no use to pick up Soarview or Freeview TV.

    However you can probably re align it to pick up the Free To Air channels from the Astra 28.2 East satellites. (Depending on if you can rotate the dish in its current position of course)