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System Link on RGH

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    Hi All

    I have two rgh xbox360s and I am trying to link them so that the kids can play against each other in different rooms as opposed to split screen. Instead of linking them via network Im trying to link them with a cable as port forwarding, fixed ips etc seems too complicated. Ive tried both crossover and straight cables but cannot get them to link.

    They are both running dashlaunch 3.15 and Aurora and any games (mainly COD ones) have same dlc, media id, title updates but no matter what I try they will not link up. Anyone any ideas what could be wrong or is linking direct with Ethernet cables not possible on modded boxes but only network linking.


  • Setting static ip's & using the router to handle everything is what I'd recommend, I know it works because I used to do it myself. It's not complicated at all, you just give each console a fixed address (so something like &, set the subnet mask on both as & set the gateway address on both as whatever your gateway is (usually or The DNS servers can be set to whatever your ISP uses, so for UPC its ( and

    That's all you need to do, for even better results connect each console to the router with a network cable & you'll get solid performance.

  • Thanks for reply. I was hoping to just take the easy route and just link them together via a cable, is this not an option that will work? Wiring direct to the modem/router is no problem if needs be and from what your suggesting above seems not too complicated but from other forums there saying about port forwarding ports 3071/3072 and some other changes to router.

    Basically all I want to do is link these two boxes together to play at home. Not interested in online play through Xboxunity etc. If you could recommend the simplest method to do this, it would be great and also if I need to change any settings in dashlaunch etc to get them to link up


  • I'm not sure, it may/may not work the way you suggest (think its called an ad-hoc connection?), all I can tell you is going the static ip route is very simple. I don't remember having to forward ports either when doing it, but perhaps its needed now I'm not too sure.

  • I give the above a try a see what happens. Worse thing I ever did was suggest this is possible, Im being tormented and its driving me mad trying to figure it out!!

  • antob wrote: »
    Worse thing I ever did was suggest this is possible, Im being tormented and its driving me mad trying to figure it out!!

    Deepest sympathies, I had that for years :o

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  • So unless I'm mis-reading (I am very tired!)

    You are just trying to system link up two consoles in the same house right?

    So crossover cable should work (you would need to set static IP address), but the least complicated setup would be connecting them to a router (be it your main house one or other), if you do it this way you shouldn't need to set them as static.

    Note: Port forwarding is for forwarding connection from outside your house in past your routers firewall, which you do not need to do for two devices inside the house. The guides you are following are for doing system link with people outside your house.

    If cabling is an issue something like these would help. If your router, xbox A and xbox B are all in seperate rooms you would need 3 of them (so buying 2 sets of 2, one would be spare). But before buying anything I would try get it working first, even if you set the xboxs up in the same place temporarly

  • Thanks for you suggestions and help lads. Finally got this to work. The "crossover" cable I bought was not actually a crossover cable but a straight through having checked the connections with a multimeter. One Stanley knife, a snips, solder, tape and a wiring diagram for a crossover cable from Mr Google and it is now :D and worked perfectly.

    Would not work for some reason when I brought them downstairs and tried linking them through router. Maybe something to do with UPC horizon boxes. Anyway one lead from bedroom to bedroom is much simpler and obviously easier. The kids are happy and I now get peace.....for while anyway.

    Thanks again.

  • antob wrote: »
    I now get peace.....for while anyway.

    Enjoy while it up is "Dad, there's this mod I seen on youtube for x game can you get it?" :o

  • Just to help anyone trying the same. I just got a reply on a different forum that solved the router connection issue. In Aurora settings you have to "unload freestyle plugin" to enable local system link to work on home network. This plugin apparently forces all connections through unity servers and without the port forwarding it will block local play.

    Ive tried it and yea it works. Hope this helps someone down the road.