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Fionn Regan

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    He seems to have dropped off the face of the planet, anybody heard any news about him recently? Hopefully he's hiding away making a new album....hopefully


  • At his show in the Unitarian Church in 2012 he said he would be ducking out of playing music for the foreseeable future and focusing on his art. Think he was fairly disheartened at the support shown to his last record.

    It's fairly promising that he has resurfaced on Twitter and Instagram though.

  • one of our best songwriters and a very fine guitarist. depressing that he's not even the most famous singer songwriter in Bray.

  • Fantastic songwriter. 100 Acres Of Sycamore should be considered amongst the all time great Irish Albums but of course, it won't..Very strange to see him drift off the radar like that it was like he was just hitting his stride.