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New Surfer needing advice!!

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    Heya guys! I am newbie surfer (as in really new, only had a couple of lessons in Sligo) but of course, im instantly addicted to surfing and I was wondering if it would be wiser for me to continue on renting beginner boards or just to go on and buy my own foamboard? Im really enthusiastic about surfing now even though I havent been able to stand yet at all and location isnt a problem for me as I live In Galway and im only 19 so I have plenty of time on my hands to keep on practising which I intend to do a lot! Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated as I dont have any friends that are interested in surfing so no one to turn to for advice really :p

    As a side note: Id obviously be continuing onwith lessons with the instructors to improve but I want my own foam board just so that I can practice wherever and whenever I want in the smaller waves


  • A form board is good for learning on and always handy to have, but once you have the pop up down and start progressing you'll out grow it quick. Better off investing in a reasonably big plastic board like a BIC or NSP. It will feel a lot more difficult than the foam boards at first but will be worth it in the long run.