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champix and alcohol

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    Hi Im taking champix for the last 6 days. 0.5 mg morning and aftrenoon
    No nausea as Im taking it with half a yop, or some milky drink.
    No Smokes from day 3
    dont feel the need, but I had a bottle of wine on sunday
    woke up in the middle of the night and went into a rage because the tv was left on.
    LIKE YIKES, im mild mannered, so did a bit of reading, and it seems alcohol
    should be avoided.
    Also am losing the desire to drink wine now.
    Wondering does it block all dophmine ? receptors.:eek:


  • If you can buy this online cheaper. Thanks.

  • I think it does strange things, a friend of mine used them to quit and I saw her drunk on wine and it wasn't a good thing, and normally she is fun but, you know, fine, this time she was all over the shop and just messy in general, I think you should err on the side of caution it comes with so many warnings about depression and suicide, and as alcohol is a depressant, I doubt they mix well. Can't answer your second question, sorry.