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Birthday location location location

  • 01-08-2015 2:07pm
    Registered Users Posts: 17 ✭✭✭ thebeertalking

    Hi everyone,

    This has probably been asked a bunch of times but can't find many answers so far. It's my girlfriends birthday on New Year's Day and we're just starting to look at where to go with a bunch of her friends for it, about 15-20 of them, for the 30th and 31st of December.

    We're in Dublin but would like to head to a town outside the pale. It would have to be somewhere that's accessible by bus or train as there are a few of the crew with a disability, so ideally we'd like to rent a house in a town that's walking distance to a bunch of pubs and restaurants.

    So far we've mentioned Wexford, Wicklow, Carlingford and Cavan off the top of our heads, but would like to find out some details from people on here. Anyone got any experiences or ideas? Not anywhere way out west like Dingle or Westport...lovely as they are, they're just not practical travel wise for this particular trip!

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


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    Kilkenny. Fantastic spot all year round. Loads to see and do, and the pubs are great craic.

    As it's the New Year it will be more expensive than normal, so check out accommodation well in advance. And book your restaurant as well as early as poss.

    15 - 20 people is a big group. A few apartments together might be best.

    Hope you have a great time.