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Dublin Comic Con


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    draven3410 wrote: »
    Hi guys!
    Has anyone ever been to the Dublin Comic Con?
    I've never been so wondering what the Transformers selection might be like.
    I think I've seen the DCCC will be there but will there be other TF stalls?

    Well they will have Simon Furman. So I think you're sorted.
    Doubtful if there'll be other transformer traders outside Dccc. You might get lucky on the other stalls. But most of the last few years gas been artist selling wears. But do you really need more than DCCC.
    and if there's a particular item your after get on to them before the show. If they have it they'll bring it. If you can't make the trip to the shop.

    Shoot the con a pm and they should be able to shed some light on traders for the show.

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    Sounds good. Thanks!

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