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How does Apple warranty work abroad?

  • 28-07-2015 11:03am
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    Hi all,

    I'm about to purchase a new MBP from the Apple store, and as I currently live and work in Belgium (but come home to Ireland quite often), I can buy it from either the .ie or .be online stores (price is basically the same).

    However, Irish consumer law means an effective warranty of six years, whereas in Belgium it's only two. I'm wondering:

    - If I buy it in Ireland today, and in three years time I'm still living in Belgium, will I be covered by my Irish warranty? It'd be bought from the Irish Apple store, so would I just have to send it back to them for repair?

    - Secondly, is this six-year Irish warranty useful, has anyone actually used it successfully? I know it won't cover my own errors, but if the MBP has some sort of big failure that's clearly not down to my use, is it feasible to get it replaced after three, four, five years? I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of ordering through the Irish store (I'd have to wait until I'm home in a few months to collect it, as opposed to it being delivered this week in Belgium) just to attain this 6-year warranty if it won't actually work for me.

    Thanks a lot for any advice offered! I've emailed some consumer advice websites but no dice as of yet.



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    It’s not really a warranty. It’s just the length of time you have to make a claim under Irish consumer law. Few people use it because of the hassle involved. Resellers generally plead ignorance to it. Plus it only covers defects present at time of purchase and the obligation is on you to prove it — which basically means you have make a small claims application to get any satisfaction. Which is a simple enough process that rarely (never?) goes to court but I guess most people figure there’s no point and just buy a new computer.

    Apple may have got better after the recent EU lawsuits, but I can’t see them being much help to someone ringing up with a 5 year old Mac that just failed, you’ll still have make a small claims application.

    I suppose get it in Ireland for the extra protection offered by Irish consumer law. But if something happens past the 2 year point you aren’t going to be able to bring it into an Apple Store in Belgium and get it fixed.

    The best protection is from Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty which is still only 1 year but is worldwide.

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    That's really helpful SP, much appreciated.

    I'd wonder if anyone has experience of actually doing this? Say your MacBook Pro fails after three years, some key component dies, and you ring them, quote the law, and say you'll be willing to go to the small claims court if they don't fix it. I wonder if they'd settle with you and or just say go ahead (and then if you did, whether you'd have any success doing that).

    I think I might get it in Belgium - I don't think I'd be home to bring it through the small claims court even if I could. It all makes me feel very nervous though - I'm gonna be spending a looooot of money on this machine and doing (what feels like) treating it well and crossing my fingers.

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    I’ve no experience with it myself, but for something like a failed logic board I’d imagine you’d have to go the small claims route in most cases after 3 years. It’s certainly not something I would expect to get resolved over the phone.

    If you’re spending a lot and want peace of mind, I’d recommend getting AppleCare. It’ll cover you for 3 years. Not just for defects but for customer support. And it won’t matter what country you are in.

    However, I would generally advise against spending a **** load on a high-end model with the expectation that it will last 5-6 years. Better to go for a lower end model with a plan to replace it in 3 years. It’ll just avoid disappointment should it not last that long. While Macs generally have great longevity, there are always exceptions and things get unpredictable after 3 years. I have an iMac in the other room that the display went in after less than 4 years. Having said that, the MBP I’m typing this on is 6 years old, but I never expected it to last this long. In fact, I’ve been planning to upgrade it for the last 3 years.

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    ni need to go through small claims, most of these are processed like any other repair, just ensure you keep your receipt. Compu b process a lot of these.