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Wetsuit Size

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    Hi all,

    I am going to take the plunge (see what I did there) and buy myself a wetsuit this summer, one I'll also use in winter. I am a cold cold creature and think I should buy a 5/3. However when it comes to size I'm not sure what size fits me. I am nearly 6 foot 2' 85kg and have an athletic build with broad shoulders and a big chest.

    Should I look towards a certain brand or just keep searching until something fits? Also, as a starting point, would you advise I start with a L or LT or XL or XLT? Thank you for your time and knowledge in advance,



  • Have you thought of trying some on in a shop

  • Yup, even went to one. I know! But they only had ripcurl, and only in L and XXL. I hear each brand has different sizes and was wondering if anybody with experience of buying wetsuits had advice with multiple wetsuits might have useful advice. Failing that I was hoping someone would post a sarcastic and pointless reply to brighten up my day.

    Moral of the story: Ask a stupid question, get a ****ty answer.

  • I don't think he was being sarcastic, it really is the best advice for your situation.

    I've had a Rip Curl wetsuit and a C-Skins, think I was a medium in both. I'm about 5"9. I would have thought you would want at least a L.

    The Rip Curl was a 5/3 and I needed a separate hood, the C-Skins is 6/5/3 with an attached hood and still going strong. 5/3 is grand for winter here as long as you have the gloves, boots and hood, though the Ripc Curl suit only lasted two seasons before holes started to appear in it, the C-Skins one is still going strong after 4 years.

    I can't really suggest anything other than that as the only way to find your right size is to try on a few. Where are you based?

  • Ripcurl, xcel, o'neill and billabong vary in shape and size with the same "size" suits. I'm a large and all four brands fit me differently. Billabong are always the biggest for the designated size and ripcurl the smallest.

  • Ask the guys in the shop and ask one who is of similar build to you.

    O'Neill's fit me better - always have done. I am 6ft and about 80kg and take a medium in O'Neills if that is any good as a starting point.

    Always try it on before you buy as regardless of size printed on the label, each brand varies.

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  • Simply put you won't last long in the water if your suit doesn't fit right

  • have a rip curl E-bomb 5/3 suit, would agree with mickeroo it only last about two seasons. there abouts. its chest entry. got out the water the other day and the zip broke!!!!!!!! prior to that i had C-Skins winter suit and lasted close on four seasons. goin to go back to C-Skins.
    don't know what Xcel are like but a lot of guys i know are really happy with them. (expensive suit)