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Forum Charter (Everybody Please Read)

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    Welcome to the Gaming Vids & Streaming forum

    This forums primary role, will be to give regular boards members who are content creators, some sort of outlet where they can show off their vids. The benefit for boards then is the opportunity for chat, discussion, & hopefully in time a vibrant healthy forum. What it is not for, is for non gaming related videos etc - it's for first party original content only, and we've a dedicated thread if you want to post up your favourite vids by other people.

    Rules for Content Creators:

    Please create one thread, and one thread only - this will be used to house your videos, and the associated discussion of those videos. Please don't post your videos in another users thread, as every user gets one thread for themselves only. You must have a minimum of 25 posts in order to create your own thread, but from there, you're free to post your own gaming related videos (in your own thread).

    Rules for Regular Users (non content creators):

    You are free to engage and discuss the videos in any of the threads you see in this forum. You must not post your own videos, as if doing so, you should be following the rules for content creators, and not regular posters. Please keep all discussion civil, friendly and helpful. Criticism of others' videos if absolutely necessary, must absolutely be constructive. Any needlessly negative posting will see warnings, infractions & bans handed if necessary. Content Creators are putting their own content out there for everyone to see, please be respectful of that and keep courtesy in mind.

    Rules for All:
    • No flaming, baiting or trolling
    • All posts should be relevant & on topic
    • No personal abuse of any kind
    • Don't back-seat moderate
    • Don't argue with a mod or a mod decision on thread
    • Be courteous & civil at all times
    • Moderators may use their discretion to remove any thread/post they see fit if deemed in breach of rules/against the spirit of the forum.
    • Do not identify or speculate as to the identity of a poster, not only is this specific to this forum, but is actually a site-wide rule {Section 5 Bullet-point 5}
    • A Mod decision is final, if you disagree with an infraction or ban feel free to take it to the pm level. If your still not happy, there is a Dispute Resolution Procedure you can follow. Don't argue with a mod on thread

    This charter is subject to change, please check back periodically to ensure you're aware of the forum rules.

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