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Not PC Specific? Consider These Forums!

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    Please note that if you find yourself wishing to discuss gaming in a non-PC specific light, don't forget that the Gaming Category has many areas of which may be more suitable to your wants and needs.

    Before creating a topic, ask yourself if your thread is suited to "PC Gaming" before hitting the 'Create' button. Moderators are encouraged to move all off-topic threads and posts to more appropriate areas, so keep this in mind and review the below list before posting.
    • Gaming (General) houses all gaming discussions outside of 'platform specific' boundaries. Feel like chatting about your favorite games without the techno-babble? This is the place to visit.
    • Gaming Platforms contains a list of all platforms, such as Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC Gaming itself. Visit here if you wish to hold a very deliberate discussion regarding gaming via a specific platform.
    • Game Development & Editing houses discussions regarding game creation and modification. While PC-G is open to the discussion of mods used for PC games, topics regarding the creation of mods (or editing games in general) are better suited to GD&E instead.
    • The Video Dome contains all you need to know about recording gameplay (regardless of platform). If you'd like to discuss how to record gameplay or promote your own videos - this is the place to go!
    • PC Building & Upgrading is an excellent forum for advice on building your own gaming PC.

    Don't forget that almost all "Game Genres" have their own specific areas (such as Massively Multiplayer, Roleplaying, Shooter etc). If you wish to join like minded people invested in these genres, consider browsing the genre specific forums found HERE

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